July 16, 2024


Mamta Women Welfare Education Society created on year 2009, since its inception has been involved in activities pertaining to the service of humanity

Support children and Youth

We are constantly in search of poor children and depending upon their situation, we either accomodate them in our homes or provide them with educational help in their nearby areas and also keep on donating for the Sunnah marriage to the families

Build Networks

Since the work is huge and scope is expanding, hence we keep on adding like minded people who join hands with us to support our cause

Education for women and children

Providing skilled courses to the needy women and supporting them in getting job or work, also providing eduation to the poor and needy children

Medical Camps

We conduct medical camps periodically. Making, maintaining and running homes for poor children which includes their food, clothing and shelter along with education and medical help. Channelizing medical help to the needy people.

Marriage and Education Counselling

We provide pre and post marriage counselling to the parties involved in marriage turbulence and help them in leading successful married life. Conducting student counselling for their educational and career guidance.

Job recruitment

We counsel youth for seeking jobs and provide job recruitment.